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Ed at Lydden

Dave Town, AMOC's fabulous chairman, obergruppenfuehrer, founder, or whatever you want to call him, got us a club stand and free entry tickets to the Lydden Hill Classic Car & Race day in July 2003, so here's the pictures....

The stand area had quite a lot of room, so the cars could be arranged in a nice line, and the monkey could still sit in Edward and watch the racing :-)

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At about 11am there was going to be a couple of 'parade laps', yeh, right, get a bunch of Mini's on the track and they are just going to tootle round slowly ?

We got the club cars to the holding area first, and the Minis were ushered out onto the track behind a couple of pace cars with the Audi club behind us.

Now to make things a bit more interesting, our plan was to slowly drop back from the pace cars on the straights, then burn it round the corners to catch them up. Unfortunately, the guys in the pace cars started getting a bit cross that we weren't keeping up, but when we were getting to the end of the first lap it made sense because there were still cars trying to get on to the circuit.

When all the cars were on, the pace cars seemed to relax a bit and let us get on with it which allowed us to get Ed's drop gears screaming in third gear towards the bends, and Ed's tyres screeching in understeer around them, followed by gentle braking to let the pace cars get away again :-)

4 or 5 laps of Lydden for free was excellent value for money !

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During the racing in the afternoon the cloud started coming in, bringing the threat of drizzly rain, so the AMOC gazebo was marched from the club stand to the and installed over the members who were watching the racing.

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5.jpg (44979 bytes)

The gazebo march proved to be a good publicity stunt, and was used again to comedy effect with Doris at Southern Mini Days