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Painting 2

Dorisses previous paint experience had to be finished in a major rush to get her ready to go to the lakes. As a result the finish was a little 'crinkly' to say the least. So off with the old paint and on with the new.....

Also because the MOT was looming some other minor jobs were to be done at the same time, meaning that poor old Doris got stripped out and put into several boxes.

Pictures taken July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2000

peel1.jpg (16944 bytes) Elaine set about stripping off the paint that was only put on in May
peel2.jpg (21495 bytes) She was still stripping while I replaced the front wheel bearings, ball joints, track rod ends and bump stops.
peel3.jpg (21112 bytes) Should the paint be peeling off like this ???? - Meanwhile the A panels got replaced, a hole in the rear bin got patched and new seat brackets made.
peel4.jpg (20354 bytes) Nearly all off. Braided fuel hose needed for the tank and rubber donuts for the rear.
newbits.jpg (21738 bytes) Nice pile of shiny new bits.
floorblk2.jpg (35840 bytes) Quite well stripped by this point, the A panels have been cut off too.
floorblk1.jpg (25772 bytes) A nice shot of the old scabby black floor, seriously in need of prep. and colouring in.
dash1.jpg (29821 bytes) The dashboard is another pending job, all the switches are in place but, erm, kind of need to be wired up so they actually do something.
bar3.jpg (25752 bytes) Oh yes, while the MIG was out some new brace bars were made. (The spikes were just to support the flip front while hinges were invented).  The front bar runs the full width of the subframe with 4 m8 fixings....
bar2.jpg (35069 bytes) While the top of the bars are welded to a plate bolted behind the top shock bracket. Another m8 bolt goes through the bar, plate and inner wing - just for luck. 
bar4.jpg (27272 bytes) The hinges turned out to be easier than I had imagined.. I mean I designed it that way from the start - honest guv.
doors.jpg (16745 bytes) Doors covered in thick creamy undercoat, drying in the warm afternoon sun.
tank.jpg (12363 bytes) While a petrol tank resplendent in it's new yellow coat watches across the path...
p1.jpg (23862 bytes) Way hey !! Look everyone the inside is all nice and white.
p2.jpg (19000 bytes) Flip front mostly fitted with the 1st coat of yellow on.
p3.jpg (23021 bytes) Rear quarters getting there - note the cage has avoided the paint quite well.
p4.jpg (24588 bytes) A sneak shot of my secret weapon - yep someone else doing the work for me. Ha ha ha, back to the beer .
rain1.jpg (29181 bytes) Oh great... RAIN !!!!
rain3.jpg (25782 bytes) But it's not all that bad...
rain4.jpg (23931 bytes) 'Coz it's Elaine under the car not me !!!   :-)
rain5.jpg (25834 bytes) Nasty,
rain7.jpg (25535 bytes) Evil,
rain8.jpg (29424 bytes) Wet,
rain9.jpg (23080 bytes) Stuff !