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New Arrival


1975, 1310 Clubby.  I have to admit that I have been looking around for a nice 1975 mini for quite some time, with no joy, until now.

35.edfront.test.jpg (43459 bytes)31.edboot.test.jpg (41313 bytes)

Chapter 1

How Edward joined our family.


There we were driving to the garden centre to pick up a few last minute things for MITP.  It was fairly empty when we parked up, as the centre hadn't actually been open long.  Just as we got there we saw a lovely looking mini,  I couldn't believe my eyes, and it was for sale.

10.spyingavensis.jpg (39748 bytes)

So we parked up behind him and had a closer look.  With not much time, as we were meeting the AMOC crew to go up to MITP we dashed into the garden centre brought what we needed and asked if they had any knowledge of who owned the car outside.  Well the nice shop assistant asked us what mini we were referring to, there were 2 for sale and we hadn't even seen the other one (well we had but it was just a boring SPi).  

Turns out one of the chaps that works there was trying to sell it. Ian had a look over and mentioned that we would be very interested and can we come and have a 'proper' look next week.  No problems, so next week arrived and we went to have a look, test drove, and purchased the car.

The pervious owner pretty much did everything himself, and seems to have done a pretty good job (apart from a loose steering rack and wobbly ball joint) .  However he said that he has had enough of mini restorations for a while. 

38.edbeforedash2.jpg (42066 bytes) 37.insidebeofre.jpg (41810 bytes)

Ed's cockpit, and the Recaro seats that he came with.

42.edafter.jpg (38358 bytes) 41.edsidebucket.jpg (44495 bytes)

But we soon replaced them with some more appropriate low back bucket seats. 

07.ed.frontwingbmp.jpg (42828 bytes) 09.ed.wing.jpg (41890 bytes)

A couple of nice shiny shots at slightly different angles.