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New shed thing and tidying up of the garage, March 07.

Bizarrely, when the previous owners built the garage, they made the base 5 feet longer than needed - leaving a handy slab for us to stick a shed on!

Following from the success of SpagShed2, we used the same frame and sheet construction, though this time used 18mm ply all round to be a bit more substantial.

01_shed.jpg (204962 bytes) 02_shed.jpg (187912 bytes) 03_shed.jpg (194274 bytes) 04_shed.jpg (190432 bytes)

OK, no windows or doors round this end, but the big pile of blocks indicates a doorway to the garage ;-)

05_shed.jpg (180992 bytes) 06_shed.jpg (172088 bytes)

Giving good access into the nice white shed!

07_shed.jpg (88338 bytes) 08_shed.jpg (98046 bytes) 09_shed.jpg (99823 bytes)

With a solid bench and shelves. (Hooray lots of space for junk and crap !!!)

10_shed.jpg (121402 bytes) 11_shed.jpg (104938 bytes) 12_shed.jpg (108763 bytes)

With most of the junk pushed into the new shed, the garage itself can get a lick of paint. Time to see if a red floor works (other than to hide the blood from skinned knuckles...)

13_shed.jpg (82375 bytes)

Floor all done, with another small bench built - and more shelves ;-)

14_shed.jpg (77716 bytes) 15_shed.jpg (85462 bytes) 16_shed.jpg (117197 bytes) 17_shed.jpg (154478 bytes)

This should keep the chill off in the winter (Mmm, tea & bacon sarnies!!!)

19_shed.jpg (192405 bytes) 20_shed.jpg (134985 bytes) 21_shed.jpg (100297 bytes) 22_shed.jpg (104565 bytes)

The Pievan in it's cosy new hutch!

 18_shed.jpg (141348 bytes)