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1984 998cc Mayfair Automatic

We were not really looking to buy another Mini, but a relative had what was described as a 'slightly scabby' automatic Mini for sale for not much money,  so being a good little Spagley I posted a few messages to various Mini type lists - without much interest...

So we just pop over to see the car for a bit more info. Mechanically it all looked pretty good, the engine sounded sweet and the auto preformed much as it should (a bit like when the clutch and gears are being operated for you by a drunken friend on the way back from the pub). Subframes are pretty good, but it will need sills and front wings for the next MOT.

Only real let down was the paint, a previous owner had resprayed the car but the paint hasn't faired very well with the UV so went nice and matt and powdery.

After a test drive, a bit of thinking we decided to splash out 150 and rescue the unwanted orphan ourselves.

Well, we can always play with it until the MOT runs out then claw back 50+ in unused tax and work out what to do with it over the winter ;-)


The front of Annie, looking mostly red in a kind of flaky red-oxidey kind of way, with nice gaffer tape detailing around one hedlamp.

400052.jpg (43531 bytes) 400054.jpg (42612 bytes) annie0008.jpg (42737 bytes) annie0009.jpg (45537 bytes)

The engine bay crammed full of bog standard 998 and a slushbox.

annie0011.jpg (52343 bytes)

You could be forgiven for thinking that the blotchy patches are due to excessive JPG compression of the pics...

400053.jpg (46284 bytes) annie0005.jpg (45645 bytes)

But Annie's bum really is that scabby !

annie0010.jpg (49336 bytes)

But it's not all bad, the doors open, the interior is in really good condition and...

annie0006.jpg (47155 bytes)

We got a free spider !

400056.jpg (48181 bytes)

Just for fun we attacked the bonnet with some 400 grit wet&dry to see what the original paint looked like, and it didn't look too bad.  

ani_rub0001.jpg (44508 bytes) ani_rub0003.jpg (44465 bytes) ani_rub0004.jpg (41776 bytes)

Will Annie get restored to her former glory?


Will Mr Angle-Grinder get there first ???

To be continued........


August 03