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Annie Fix

1984 998cc Mayfair Automatic

Rebuilding Annie during 2004...

01_poor_annie.jpg (26282 bytes)

The outer sills were showing some slight hint of surface rust that would need cleaning up !

 02_rusty_sill.jpg (25535 bytes) 03_rusty_sill.jpg (25748 bytes) 04_rusty_sill.jpg (26173 bytes)

However, the inners were fine, so the car was actually quite solid.

05_sill_off.jpg (30110 bytes) 06_step.jpg (27671 bytes)

Rear arch/quarter/side pocket needed rebuilding on both sides though, which was a bit fiddly.

07_rear_side.jpg (35297 bytes) 

And the scuttle corners were shot too :-(

08_rusty_scuttle.jpg (28168 bytes) 

Front chopped off, spare front panel in place...

09_f_panel.jpg (34786 bytes)

New wings fitted.

10_wing_on.jpg (34142 bytes)

(Just showing off how much access the Special Spag Trailer provides when in 'Ramp Mode')

11_ramp_trailer1.jpg (50708 bytes) 12_ramp_trailer2.jpg (38004 bytes)

Fill & sand the join...

16_l_wing.jpg (36796 bytes) 17_r_wing.jpg (33252 bytes)

Only to discover a spooky little face in the surface. OK, it's maybe not the same as finding the Messiah inside an aubergine, but we found it amusing!

13_face1.jpg (32603 bytes) 14_face2.jpg (24901 bytes) 15_face3.jpg (30029 bytes)

There was this plan to paint Annie with blackboard paint, so that her graphics can be easily changed to suit the show, but there was a concern about how well actual blackboard paint would go on.

So a quick test was done using some of the cellulose satin matt black left over from the inside of Doris, which provided a superb base for some 'pub sign' chalk pens :-)

20_blackboard.jpg (41216 bytes) 21_blackboard.jpg (50513 bytes) 23_blackboard.jpg (42037 bytes)

24_blackboard.jpg (35420 bytes) 25_blackboard.jpg (36014 bytes) 26_blackboard.jpg (70627 bytes)

Primer going on after the shell was sanded back - spot the protective clothing!

30_primer.jpg (42527 bytes) 31_primer.jpg (36270 bytes) 32_primer.jpg (40329 bytes)

33_primer.jpg (38032 bytes) 34_primer.jpg (49849 bytes)

First top coat going on.

40_topcoat.jpg (46904 bytes) 41_topcoat.jpg (43755 bytes) 42_topcoat.jpg (42371 bytes)

All black, a few coats later, Elaine looks pleased :-)

50_allblack.jpg (45586 bytes) 51_allblack.jpg (47085 bytes) 52_allblack.jpg (41945 bytes)

Looking a bit more complete with stuff fitted back on.

60_rubbed.jpg (43767 bytes) 61_rubbed.jpg (42901 bytes) 62_rubbed.jpg (31791 bytes)

63_rubbed.jpg (44423 bytes) 64_rubbed.jpg (50333 bytes) 65_rubbed.jpg (37800 bytes)