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Introducing Mr William Fickington

1965 Morris Minor


He sort of arrived on 30th December after looking a bit lonely on Ebay!

william_01.jpg (639701 bytes)

Boasting of up to 48bhp of radical rear wheel drive mayhem!!!

Though when the spare 4AGE is dropped in it should add another 80 horses or so :)

Engine is not properly rebuilt yet, but has been cleaned (hooray for dishwashers!) and is part built. 4age build



Jan 19/20

Spent  the weekend investigating the tinworm situation...

With the interior out, the floorpan all looks solid.

will_fix_02.jpg (711484 bytes) will_fix_03.jpg (721069 bytes)

Engine bay all looks good, but a bit crusty in the boot corners.

will_fix_04.jpg (729326 bytes) will_fix_07.jpg (706096 bytes)

The corners of the wheel arches seem to be the worst bits, but nothing seems too nasty to deal with.

will_fix_06.jpg (718060 bytes)

Mr Plasma-Cutter seems to do a splendid job of surgical removal, with far less death and destruction than the angry grinder or air chisel !!!

will_fix_05.jpg (670616 bytes)

Also popped the engine out to get better access to the front chassis legs.

will_fix_08.jpg (717847 bytes)

Chopped out the rot by the tie bar mount and started rebuilding with some battleship 3mm steel plate. This will make solid jacking points for the front, and give somewhere decent for new engine mounts to be tied into...

will_fix_09.jpg (706517 bytes)


Jan 26/27 

Starting to glue a few bits of steel into the holes...

will_fix_10_welding.jpg (659596 bytes) will_fix_11_welding.jpg (687994 bytes)


Feb 2/3

Bit more welding and a little bit of seam sealing and rough priming.

will_fix_12_welding.jpg (644970 bytes) will_fix_13_welding.jpg (687343 bytes) will_fix_14_welding.jpg (603261 bytes)

Engine is slowly coming together too more pics and stuff here ... 4age build


Feb 9/10

Hard to believe I know, but there was a little more welding and painting to do on William...

Have got to the rear arches now, so there's not too much left to do.

Front corners are solid now.

will_fix_16_welding.jpg (672193 bytes) will_fix_17_welding.jpg (637511 bytes) will_fix_15_welding.jpg (611780 bytes)

Started on the first rear corner...

will_fix_18_welding.jpg (698863 bytes)

Chopped out the scabby stuff leaving a small section of good metal around the hanger tube, then cut and welded some 3mm steel in to replace the side and bottom of the chassis leg.

will_fix_19_welding.jpg (638938 bytes) will_fix_20_welding.jpg (688695 bytes)

For them that's being asking about what the plasma cutter can do ...

Cuts 1mm steel quite delicately

plasma-fob1.jpg (383632 bytes)

And seems to do quite a good job on an off cut of roll cage tube too !

plasma-tube1.jpg (386739 bytes)


Feb 16/17

First task - get the stove on !

will_fix_30_welding.jpg (684202 bytes) will_fix_31_welding.jpg (658895 bytes)

Then finish the rear passenger arch...

will_fix_32_welding.jpg (640223 bytes) will_fix_33_welding.jpg (671535 bytes)

And start chopping bits from the drivers side .

will_fix_34_welding.jpg (656553 bytes) will_fix_35_welding.jpg (667689 bytes) will_fix_36_welding.jpg (739708 bytes)   

Meanwhile Elaine has been busy with the seam sealer and paint.

will_fix_37_welding.jpg (647707 bytes) will_fix_38_welding.jpg (656926 bytes) will_fix_43_welding.jpg (600740 bytes)

Gluing bits back in.

will_fix_39_welding.jpg (685259 bytes) will_fix_40_welding.jpg (708583 bytes) will_fix_41_welding.jpg (641420 bytes)

Um, more paint!

will_fix_42_welding.jpg (595843 bytes) 

Also found the middle of the boot edge was a bit scabby, so chopped out the middle and let in a nice chunk of the 3mm steel with a bit of box stuck on to make a handy locating thing for the trolley jack.

will_fix_44_welding.jpg (663550 bytes) will_fix_45_welding.jpg (618215 bytes)

Finally chopped out some squareish holes which will be turreted for telescopic shocks - or possibly coilovers.

will_fix_46_welding.jpg (717839 bytes)

That's it for Sat - beer time !!!


Sunday morning - stove providing some token heat - well ok, it looks like it will melt :)

will_fix_50_welding.jpg (444322 bytes) will_fix_51_welding.jpg (446909 bytes)

More painting by Elaine means primer, primer everywhere !!!

will_fix_52_welding.jpg (627713 bytes) will_fix_53_welding.jpg (613026 bytes) will_fix_54_welding.jpg (608326 bytes) will_fix_55_welding.jpg (624710 bytes)

Meanwhile I got busy chopping the spare brackets off of the replacement axle. 

will_fix_axle_01.jpg (758326 bytes) will_fix_axle_02.jpg (765759 bytes) 

Mostly cut off with the plasma, then just needed a tickle with the grinder to make it all smooth.

will_fix_axle_03.jpg (746677 bytes)

After with a bit of wrestling the old bolts finally succumbed and the new axle was rolled under for a trial fit. All looks OK, just needs U bolts and bracketery to hold it all together !

will_fix_axle_04.jpg (683329 bytes)



Feb 23/24

Axle bracketery...

Take yer Minor U bolt bracket shock mount things, and a couple of Ford ones.

will_fix_axle_05.jpg (677085 bytes) will_fix_axle_06.jpg (682699 bytes)

Apply a little chopping,

will_fix_axle_07.jpg (774250 bytes)

And a little welding

will_fix_axle_08.jpg (791794 bytes) will_fix_axle_09.jpg (802721 bytes)

Then roughly cut some bits to go on the axle tube,

will_fix_axle_10.jpg (784169 bytes) will_fix_axle_12.jpg (818596 bytes) will_fix_axle_11.jpg (806009 bytes)

Tidy the shape and glue them on after some careful measurement and general eyeballing.

will_fix_axle_13.jpg (714981 bytes) will_fix_axle_14.jpg (735476 bytes) 

Then find that you need to employ a cunning arrangement of clamps to squash the rubbers to make getting the u bolt nuts on really easy.

will_fix_axle_15.jpg (696458 bytes) will_fix_axle_16.jpg (681936 bytes) will_fix_axle_17.jpg (686785 bytes)

Um, then you just pop the wheels on.

will_fix_axle_18.jpg (562554 bytes)


With the axle on and turned round in the garage, it seemed rude not to just try a quick test fit of the engine - just to see the space issues etc...

Doesn't look too bad...

will_fix_engine_02.jpg (684973 bytes)

Just clears the radiator with a gap to the bulkhead., but it could do with a bit more room for convienience.

will_fix_engine_03.jpg (690212 bytes) will_fix_engine_05.jpg (692399 bytes) will_fix_engine_06.jpg (704450 bytes) will_fix_engine_04.jpg (718691 bytes)

It's possible the wooden engine mounts need a rethink, and I am not sure on the speed rating of the bread trolley wheels...

will_fix_engine_07.jpg (714808 bytes) will_fix_engine_08.jpg (708181 bytes)

With a bit of fettling the bottom of the radiator can shift forward an inch or so to give the pulley a bit more space.

 will_fix_engine_01.jpg (645906 bytes)

Then to see what other room can be made...

Front bit will be dropped a couple of inches to get the engine lower

will_fix_engine_11.jpg (709190 bytes) will_fix_engine_12.jpg (732375 bytes)

First cuts to the bulkhead give a little more space at the rear.

will_fix_engine_13.jpg (680030 bytes)

Seems to give a bit more scope for wiggling things about, and looks like a slim leccy fan will fit in too.

will_fix_engine_14.jpg (740560 bytes) will_fix_engine_15.jpg (675100 bytes) will_fix_engine_16.jpg (649819 bytes)

Looks like it may be possible to leave the battery in place, or maybe just lift it an inch.

will_fix_engine_17.jpg (704963 bytes)


Having marked where the back edge of the block would go, I poked the gearbox in the 'ole to see what nightmares that would bring ...

The box is jacked up until the ribs hit the steering rack, but with a bit 'fettling' - well, ok cutting a hole on the bellhousing like the Moggy box, then I think I can get another 20 mm of movement either back - or up

will_fix_engine_21.jpg (692217 bytes) will_fix_engine_22.jpg (728395 bytes)

With the engine pushed as far forward as would be safe to mount it, there's still 10-15mm gap to the box, so there's slack adding up all over (which is a good thing, coz it means the engine can be wiggled to find the best position. With Doris and Ed, it was more a case of wedge it into the hole and weld it where it touches...!

will_fix_engine_23.jpg (723610 bytes) will_fix_engine_24.jpg (619949 bytes) will_fix_engine_25.jpg (686082 bytes)

Position of the stick and the rest of the box all looks promising too. Hmm, it might just work...

will_fix_engine_26.jpg (650972 bytes)



Mar 1/2

Bulkhead mods.

With the shell supported on stands and an  an archaic screw jack keeping things in place, it seemed safe to chop out a bit more of the bulkhead to give the engine a couple of mm or so...

will_fix_bulkhead_01.jpg (645961 bytes)

A slab of the infamous 3mm steel with the first square lump knocked out.

will_fix_bulkhead_02.jpg (644878 bytes)

Which fills the first bit of the hole. It would have been nice to have kept it all at that depth, but I didn't want to make the 'clutch foot space' feel restricted. Then really had to make it symmetrical...

will_fix_bulkhead_03.jpg (672296 bytes)

Here's the side bits marked out for cutting from a simple cardboard template.

will_fix_bulkhead_04.jpg (672607 bytes)

Seam welded in place.

will_fix_bulkhead_05.jpg (697481 bytes)

Couple of small rectangles fill some more gaps. 

will_fix_bulkhead_06.jpg (707780 bytes)

Just a couple of small triangles finish the bottom section.

will_fix_bulkhead_08.jpg (683722 bytes)

Welds seem fairly adequate, but quite splattery from the gasless wire.

will_fix_bulkhead_07.jpg (747439 bytes) 

But with the last section in place and a gentle tickle with the grinder, then a wire wheel, it doesn't look toooo shabby!

will_fix_bulkhead_09.jpg (695588 bytes) will_fix_bulkhead_10.jpg (706499 bytes)

Lots of space behind the engine.

will_fix_bulkhead_11.jpg (712185 bytes) will_fix_bulkhead_12.jpg (665084 bytes) will_fix_bulkhead_13.jpg (654692 bytes)

Job done after a quick lick of primer.

will_fix_bulkhead_14.jpg (680203 bytes) will_fix_bulkhead_15.jpg (643540 bytes)

When the engine mounts are sorted, then a bit more of the 3mm will be used to replace the battery shelf - to keep it looking somewhere normal at a quick glance, but not sure the exact height yet.


May 24th  - June 1st

After a bit of time off for other things, back to a bit of Mog bashing .

Time to cobble together an adapter to fit the Toyota box to the 4AGE (yes I know there's a bellhousing available for this box - but finding one is the issue!!!)

First, make a center hole in the lump o thick steel, and find a suitable 'thing' to on the input shaft to keep it all in place.

will_fix_gearbox_01.jpg (531819 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_02.jpg (545690 bytes)

Then mark the oles for the gearbox bolts.Then using the same center but a different 'thing' you can stick the plate on the end of the crank and mark the engine oles. Drill em, and chop out the middle, then slap it all on the back o the engine..

will_fix_gearbox_04.jpg (545765 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_05.jpg (588844 bytes)

Then you can work out out where the bellhousing needs to be notched to miss the engine bolts. 

will_fix_gearbox_06.jpg (582702 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_07.jpg (565601 bytes)

And if all is well, the input shaft slips neatly into the bearing in the crank tail and you can bolt it all together !

will_fix_gearbox_08.jpg (573396 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_09.jpg (560998 bytes)

Having done one, it was a quick job to just plug the Ford box into the crank tail and mark/drill holes for that too.

will_fix_gearbox_11.jpg (606460 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_12.jpg (612971 bytes)

Cunning hey? One adapter plate which will take 2 flavours of gearbox !! :)


With the box and block nailed together, it can be slipped into the engine bay to see if it actually fits !

All looks pretty good, and only needed to take a small 3" nibble from the tunnel.

will_fix_eng_fit_03.jpg (559462 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_04.jpg (478321 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_05.jpg (565075 bytes)

OK, the crowbars are not ideal mounts, so made some engine mount brackets.

will_fix_eng_fit_01.jpg (476569 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_02.jpg (467558 bytes)

Then in an idle moment while waiting for the paint on the mounts to dry, thought a 'test' fanymold was in order...

Quick chop of the Toyota lump, meant for transverse.

will_fix_fannymold_01.jpg (565939 bytes) will_fix_fannymold_02.jpg (575401 bytes) 

Then much cutting, bending, shaping and munging of a steel elbow (Oh ok, and some welding too) seems to have made something workable.  

will_fix_fannymold_03.jpg (481899 bytes) will_fix_fannymold_04.jpg (546380 bytes)

Paint dry on the mounts - well apart from the pool hiding inside one of them, so stuck them on the engine, then redrilled a couple of fixing holes for the original Moggy mounts. No rubbers, just sitting on bolts at the moment with nuts as rough spacers. All seems good though !

will_fix_eng_fit_11.jpg (582022 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_12.jpg (612557 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_13.jpg (587292 bytes) will_fix_eng_fit_14.jpg (594180 bytes)


June 3rd

Tweaked and tidied up the manifold so it exits in the right place, with the right size pipe...

will_fix_fanymould _11.jpg (579088 bytes) will_fix_fanymould _12.jpg (558550 bytes) will_fix_fanymould _14.jpg (515021 bytes)


June 16th

Turrets for telescopic shocks, which will take coilovers at a later date (prob'ly)

Yup, the old favourites... 3mm steel and plasma cutter

will_fix_turrets_01.jpg (514466 bytes)

Glued together to make solid boxes.

will_fix_turrets_03.jpg (546536 bytes) will_fix_turrets_04.jpg (535260 bytes) will_fix_turrets_05.jpg (548606 bytes)

Sit em in holes in the boot floor. Then weld into the floor, chassis rail and seat back to spread the load. 

will_fix_turrets_07.jpg (453778 bytes) will_fix_turrets_06.jpg (527528 bytes)

Paint em with the zinky primer and seamy seal them.

will_fix_turrets_12.jpg (414573 bytes) will_fix_turrets_13.jpg (435593 bytes) will_fix_turrets_09.jpg (505817 bytes) will_fix_turrets_10.jpg (511805 bytes)  will_fix_turrets_14.jpg (501194 bytes) 

Quick lick of black - job done !

will_fix_turrets_16.jpg (536129 bytes) will_fix_turrets_15.jpg (517812 bytes) 


June 28th

Tightened up the floppy front seats with some polyester cord, wound tightly between the hooks on the seat frame.

Not perfect, but definitely not sitting on the floor any more !!!

will_fix_seat_01.jpg (488405 bytes)



Handily, the Toyota box came with nice rubbery mount and  a cross member attached, so an easy job to tack some squares of 3mm steel to the chassis rails to bolt it all together.

The extra nuts are acting as spacers to make sure there is easy up /  down adjustment to align the box later. When the box is back out, the brackets will be braced and gusseted.

 Ooo, the gearstick has also been straightened (cut 1/2 way through, bend, weld) to stop it fouling the handbrake, but the handbrake may move back an inch just to make it all a bit more ergonomic.

will_fix_gearbox_21.jpg (502083 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_22.jpg (542519 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_23.jpg (558115 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_24.jpg (568816 bytes)

Quick bit of chopping, welding and bashing to extend the tunnel/cover bit.

will_fix_gearbox_25.jpg (523245 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_26.jpg (519254 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_27.jpg (527502 bytes) will_fix_gearbox_28.jpg (555835 bytes)

will_fix_gearbox_29.jpg (491471 bytes)