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Riv Run '03

Here's a few pictures from the Mini World Riviera Run 3rd - 5th May 2003.

riv_0001.jpg (49546 bytes) riv_0002.jpg (47388 bytes)

Dave & Neil, a couple of scary looking members

(of the Ashford Mini Owners Club) at 6:30am.

riv_0003.jpg (38758 bytes) riv_0005.jpg (43593 bytes) riv_0006.jpg (40752 bytes) riv_0007.jpg (42362 bytes) riv_0008.jpg (38230 bytes)

A few shots from the drive to Newquay on Saturday.

riv_0013.jpg (48285 bytes) riv_0014.jpg (45977 bytes)

Trying to assemble the new 15.00 AMOC gazebo proved a bit tricky in the force 9 wind, so in the end we modified for storm conditions by shortening the legs by 1 pole and wrapping a couple of sides with blue tarpaulin.

riv_0015.jpg (45751 bytes) riv_0016.jpg (34945 bytes)

Sunday morning the ducks seemed impressed with the gazebo, though Dave had trouble taking in its full glory - or perhaps it's apocalyptic flapping intruded on his sleep ?

riv_0017.jpg (38831 bytes) riv_0018.jpg (46049 bytes)

While we were waiting for the afternoon cruise, we decided to go for a 2 hour drive for fish & chips at Tintagel.

riv_0026.jpg (39105 bytes)

As we left for the afternoon cruise we had a motorcycle escort towards Newquay!

1494kb AVI

riv_0028.jpg (42780 bytes) riv_0030.jpg (40617 bytes) riv_0032.jpg (37250 bytes) riv_0033.jpg (42692 bytes)

The cruise took in some splendid local roads, some of which we shouldn't have been on, but the deliberate mistakes on the route notes just added a little 'something' (about 10 miles prob'ly).

riv_0036.jpg (46222 bytes) riv_0038.jpg (43392 bytes) riv_0047.jpg (36289 bytes)

Some obscure monkey type pictures.. Yes, he is gaffer taped onto a radio controlled car.

Radio controlled monkey vid to be uploaded when edited down from 11MB !!


riv_0050.jpg (38781 bytes)  needs you (apparently).

riv_0073.jpg (40824 bytes) riv_0074.jpg (39071 bytes) riv_0075.jpg (33429 bytes)

Night vision pics of the monkey (still) playing on the RC car, Dave on Prozac, and Steve being eaten by a sleeping bag.

riv_0078.jpg (45019 bytes) riv_0079.jpg (43776 bytes) riv_0081.jpg (39574 bytes)

Mondays cruise had some nice wiggly little roads, but was let down by a stunning lack of planning (like no info on when it would start or who was organising it), so we ended up mostly on our own :-(   We saw lots of cars leaving the site, but no one knew if they were off for the cruise or just going home.   Conspiracy I reckon, but I'm not paranoid, the voices in my head told me so.

riv_0082.jpg (35329 bytes) riv_0085.jpg (52306 bytes)

On the way back home it rained, a bit, occasionally, on and off, sometimes like a lake.

riv_0086.jpg (37476 bytes) riv_0088.jpg (41898 bytes) riv_0089.jpg (37486 bytes)

We had a few impromptu convoys with other Minis heading our way.... OK I'll admit it, we sort of grouped around other Minis so they didn't have much choice ;-)

riv_0091.jpg (43946 bytes) riv_0092.jpg (42295 bytes) riv_0094.jpg (41940 bytes) riv_0095.jpg (36551 bytes)

Erm, a few more 'almost' home pictures !