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Lakes 2000

Pictures from the Lakes tour June 8th -10th. A superb event organised by Mini Mad Merseyside.


Pictures taken 8th-10th June 2000
3 little minis A dodgy pic of Doris, Lamb Chop and Truffy at Cherwell Valley services on the way up on Thursday.
badvan.jpg (16366 bytes) This is the nice rental van that tried on several occasions to overtake on blind corners, hills and other inappropriate places like a herringboned right turn :-)
Nice driving 002 And this is the nice taxi we met on Friday on the M6, in this shot he is going past the van we about to  overtake, but  (almost) in the slow lane, in the pouring rain, with no lights on.  Don't you love professional drivers at work !!! :-)
Wet babe? Got to the campsite and it was raining :-( but put the tent up before it rained even harder !!
Going down ? Strangely after Rob, John, Paul & Abi arrived we all got drunk, then Ade and I had a non competitive trolley jack run down  the local 'hill'.
Please stop Looks a bit more than non competitive .....
Help 999 emergency Then we all had nasty crashes
Go John !! And played on GoPeds instead.
Sunny Saturday morning started out gloriously
Less sunny ! For about a second, then the sun went back in :-(
Nice hill  - I can almost see my tent from hare Here's a shot of the trollyjack hill, looks quite shallow and safe, with no opportunities to stick your face into stinging nettles.
Rob & camera Look children Doris is helping Robs photography with some extra light, shame his pics seem a bit elusive.......
Waiting for the ferry Nice big que of minis waiting for the Windermere ferry, much to the delight of the locals.
Still waiting for the ferry Oh and it goes the other way too!
Parked In this rather unusual picture, Ade has his bonnet off :-)
Behind you BEHIND YOU ! (to be said in a pantomime stylie), its Truffy.
Behind you 2 Blimey, there's mini on this side too !
wee_stop.jpg (14899 bytes) All stopped for a wee
lc_up.jpg (14201 bytes) Lamb Chop going up a silly steep wiggly road
lc_down.jpg (18938 bytes) LC going down an equally silly wiggly road
A few watersports pics nicked from Rob
d_splsh0.jpg (50145 bytes) Doris paddling
wet_foot.jpg (27498 bytes) Bugger - wet feet - Spag paddling too
lc_splsh.jpg (51804 bytes) Lamb Chop in a stream
baxsplsh.jpg (52103 bytes) Er... John Baxendale in a stream, the same one actually....
t_splash.jpg (47910 bytes) Truffy splashing a boring Ford.
d_splsh1.jpg (49439 bytes) Doris getting ready
d_splsh2.jpg (47040 bytes) To splash the boring Ford too :-)