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Camp Jul05

NOTE AVI files compressed with the DivX codec, 700kb zip file here

Camping Amoc 23rd July 05 

3rd Birthday camp and construction weekend for Southern Mini Days


Ed and a MiniBum full of camping goodies.

15.jpg (64792 bytes) 16.jpg (70067 bytes) 

The Spagley multifunction utility trailer undergoing a radical transformation.

Many thanks to Paul (I've got one of those in the van) Dunk for his endless supply of power tools and materials :-)

20.jpg (60669 bytes) 21.jpg (72172 bytes) 22.jpg (50674 bytes) sc2.jpg (68215 bytes) sc3.jpg (56257 bytes)

Spot of 'orse surgery.

 39.jpg (58963 bytes) 38.jpg (52541 bytes)

Testing the castle and certainly not looking like rejects from an infant school play!

24.jpg (40547 bytes) sc1.jpg (70545 bytes) 26.jpg (52946 bytes) 27.jpg (54188 bytes) 

Castle or 12th century caravan ? (Note fetching portcullis wheel arches)

31.jpg (57446 bytes) 32.jpg (61234 bytes) 34.jpg (58770 bytes) 35.jpg (44615 bytes)

43.jpg (52834 bytes) 46.jpg (57472 bytes) 51.jpg (56155 bytes)

Now with authentic 'brick' detail.

53.jpg (67357 bytes) 54.jpg (57859 bytes)


After a hard days work, a good bath was needed...

bt1.jpg (48065 bytes)

Sadly we didn't have a good bath, but we did have a tow rope...

bt2.jpg (39551 bytes) bt3.jpg (36731 bytes) bt4.jpg (38721 bytes) bt5.jpg (44279 bytes) bt6.jpg (44806 bytes)

And a camcorder !!!

Dave & Adam in the bath together sharing a body massage?

GPS in the bath 1658kb avi

Maybe not that relaxing 3616kb avi

The end - but they survived 1978kb avi


July 05