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A few pics of some airsoft guns.

If you don't know what that is then try this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airsoft

Or take a peek at my local airsoft site, Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent... http://www.apocalypse249.com



JG M4A1 based, with folding or solid stock.

DSCF6232.JPG (895702 bytes) DSCF6250.JPG (900835 bytes)


DSCF6234.JPG (908222 bytes) DSCF6275.JPG (944466 bytes)


TM Hicapa 5.1

DSCF6243.JPG (909146 bytes)

TM Glock 17

DSCF6245.JPG (900760 bytes)



DSCF6248.JPG (912719 bytes) DSCF6249.JPG (907791 bytes)


'Unknown' wood/metal AKM project.

DSCF6253.JPG (905010 bytes)

Loosely assembled, with wood stripped (& temporary pistol grip)

DSCF6272.JPG (910868 bytes)

Wood battered, burned, stained and oiled, with SAW style grip fitted.

DSCF6285.JPG (919052 bytes)

Looking a little more evil with a drum magazine...

DSCF6293.JPG (906648 bytes)


If the AK isn't intimidating enough then the FN MINIMI , M249 SAW should do the job :)

DSCF6312.JPG (951318 bytes)


KWA Glock G18c (yes - the fully automatic  one, Rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a oh empty)

DSCF6403.JPG (947014 bytes)





So with a 17 and an 18, there has to be some gratuitous dual Glock pics

DSCF6405.JPG (958626 bytes) DSCF6407.JPG (918015 bytes)


A 'shortie'M14 SOCOM 

DSCF6449.JPG (948985 bytes)

Um, and now a gratuitous dual M14 shot... Doesn't work as well as the Glocks!

DSCF6440.JPG (949494 bytes)




The collection :-16/05/2010

DSCF6487.JPG (930317 bytes) DSCF6490.JPG (921512 bytes) DSCF6496.JPG (916040 bytes)

DSCF6497.JPG (936104 bytes) DSCF6494.JPG (918256 bytes)


MadTech... Glock 18c as a tactical foregrip?

DSCF6515.JPG (926704 bytes)



More fun with the glock...

Having researched the KPOS conversion for the Glock 17...

KISOM_KPOS_G17_19_04.jpg (316057 bytes)


It seemed pretty straight forward to knock up a Spagley Glock conversion.

So, meet the Splock !

DSCF6647.JPG (908272 bytes)

Mostly assembled from spare bits and some 40x40 aluminium box section.

DSCF6634-2.jpg (76466 bytes)


L85, quite heavy, but a nice long barrel in a short gun.

DSCF6744.JPG (916110 bytes) DSCF6741.JPG (903326 bytes)




Another KSC Glock 18c has joined the collective, and the magazine count has increased too!

 DSCF6785.JPG (907906 bytes) DSCF6791.JPG (892977 bytes)

Glock overload ?

DSCF6788.JPG (913916 bytes) 



Long barrel Hi Capa idea

DSCF7459.JPG (906459 bytes) DSCF7461.JPG (925384 bytes) DSCF7462.JPG (938845 bytes) DSCF7463.JPG (924365 bytes) DSCF7458.JPG (931577 bytes)


Tm Mk23

DSCF7734.JPG (890570 bytes) DSCF7735.JPG (924756 bytes) DSCF7736.JPG (902335 bytes)



Mr Shorty, a nice G&P Car15 for that Vietnam spec ops look.

DSCF7738.JPG (920924 bytes)



'Insurgent' loadout for Operation Warpath...

LGIM0131-3.jpg (369660 bytes)