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Little Floater


6th July 2008

Another of those 'sensible' Ebay purchases... An old  International 505 dinghy..

The tech specs say :- Length 16'6", Width 6'2",  Main + Jib area 175 sq.ft, Spinnaker area 180 sq.ft.

We say - Oooo an old, fast, cheap sailing deathtrap !

Oh yes, and as the hull is such a fantastic chocolate colour, there were very few other names suitable (to use in polite company),


See how sleek and sexy it looked in the ad...

e4bd_1.JPG (25518 bytes)  a8ba_1.JPG (20508 bytes) 9ec1_1.JPG (22187 bytes) 8bbb_1.JPG (22973 bytes)

Why, why, why, oh why did they stick blue paint on it ???

74cb_1.JPG (23194 bytes) b259_1.JPG (16286 bytes)


10th July

Minor cracking and spidery lines in the gelcoat will need a lick of goo, but generally is all serviceable.

little-floater_03.jpg (455457 bytes) little-floater_04.jpg (454008 bytes)

Now that looks a bit better than the blue...!

little-floater_01.jpg (475037 bytes) little-floater_02.jpg (415694 bytes) little-floater_05.jpg (473399 bytes)


15th July

A few pics to show off the finer details. (Oh ok they are so I know where all the bits go back on !)

 little-floater_09.jpg (484637 bytes) little-floater_10.jpg (489296 bytes) little-floater_06.jpg (390943 bytes) little-floater_13.jpg (403960 bytes)

little-floater_08.jpg (407067 bytes) little-floater_11.jpg (407709 bytes) little-floater_12.jpg (429771 bytes) little-floater_07.jpg (428260 bytes)

Bit of a repair needed here...

little-floater_22.jpg (442909 bytes)


17th July

Stripped off all the fittings, fired up the sander and set to work revitalising the tub !!!

Bonding the deck back down.

little-floater_14.jpg (450903 bytes) little-floater_15.jpg (489123 bytes)

The transom  had a few cracks and splits around the drain flaps and bungs, so decided to just glass up the lot and tie it solidly to the hull, then can make new holes as desired later.

little-floater_20.jpg (464766 bytes)little-floater_21.jpg (468072 bytes)

Scabby varnish needs sorting.

little-floater_19.jpg (468169 bytes) little-floater_18.jpg (433042 bytes)

But reveals good wood underneath.

little-floater_16.jpg (438803 bytes)

That responds well to a bit of attention - crikey, could almost look OK !

little-floater_17.jpg (460253 bytes)


20th July

First some chopped matting over the rear of the tanks, where they seemed a little too flexi.

little-floater_27.jpg (402543 bytes) little-floater_30.jpg (434329 bytes) little-floater_28.jpg (421670 bytes)

And a bit of reinforcement here too...

little-floater_26.jpg (411142 bytes) little-floater_24.jpg (446494 bytes) little-floater_29.jpg (443254 bytes)

Then out with the cuddly glass blanket and the scissors.

little-floater_33.jpg (563436 bytes) little-floater_32.jpg (541134 bytes)

And on with more resin

little-floater_34.jpg (470817 bytes) little-floater_35.jpg (483108 bytes)


22nd July  

Oooo, icing sugar !!! (Oh ok, it's gelcoat)

little-floater_36.jpg (431177 bytes)


26th July

On a day with no wind, it was rude not to just poke the mast up to see how big the sails look.

** Argh, argh, argh - wer're all gonna die ** is probably the correct thing to say...

little-floater_39.jpg (247857 bytes) little-floater_40.jpg (217695 bytes) little-floater_41.jpg (223754 bytes)


27th July

Sanding, sanding and a bit of sanding, then some blobs of gelcoat, then some - yup you got it, sanding!

Looking quite smooth though !

little-floater_42.jpg (408596 bytes) little-floater_43.jpg (437460 bytes)

While I on the other hand look less than smooth, coz the tin roof on the garage makes it a bit of an oven, especially with the compressor running but have to keep the noise and smells inside, so doors shut. Still nearly 35'C at 4:30 in the afternoon !!!

little-floater_44.jpg (431056 bytes)


30th July

Found a soft spot on the hull, where one of the rollery things on the trailer has delaminated the glass a bit.

Didn't want to make any new access ports, so employed a bit of cunning and some DIY endoscopy and keyhole surgery !

Boat tilted to correct angle so the repair area is 'flat' with a slight tilt to aid resin flow.

little-floater_47.jpg (486541 bytes)

Shove bullet camera up one hole, with an LED light for a few extra lumens.

little-floater_49.jpg (406481 bytes) little-floater_48.jpg (387630 bytes)

Then plumb it back into the PC.

little-floater_45.jpg (430976 bytes) little-floater_46.jpg (501199 bytes)

A few frames showing the repair matting pressed in place with some cardboard tubes. And Elaine's hand rollering the resin in.

little-floater_50.jpg (405853 bytes) little-floater_51.jpg (403558 bytes) little-floater_52.jpg (407154 bytes)

DivXed vid of some timelapse from the procedure :)


2nd Aug

A good sanding of the tanks with 80, then 320 grit showed a bit more goo was required, so slapped some more gel into some wibbles in the port tank, and did a couple of thick lines for the length of the starboard tank. Also covered the foredeck with a couple of thick coats that should sand back and look nicer than painted wood.

 little-floater_54.jpg (467410 bytes) little-floater_55.jpg (384393 bytes)


7th Aug

After a bit more rubbing - well ok about 8 hours work - both side tanks are mostly the proper shape !!

No nasty angles or flat bits showing up under various lights from different angles, so probably adequate.

Certainly stronger with the extra matting in, and much nicer in white than the classy 70's 'hearing aid beige' !!!

little-floater_53.jpg (364396 bytes) little-floater_56.jpg (393365 bytes) little-floater_57.jpg (396285 bytes)

little-floater_58.jpg (371031 bytes) little-floater_59.jpg (417407 bytes) little-floater_60.jpg (378327 bytes)

Sanding on the nose underway, the mat bit at the front is cut flat to 80 grit, the bit with the brush on is 'in progress'

little-floater_61.jpg (424081 bytes)




Jul 08