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Mr Ed gets more horses..

Last week Elaine tried to take Edward out to the AMOC (Ashford Mini Owners Club) meeting, but we only got a couple of miles before aborting the mission due to evil clutch slippage :-(

We tried adjusting the return stop with little effect, so resigned ourselves to a clutch swap.

Now, seeing as without a flip front, a clutch change is virtually an engine out job, we could always just drop the spare 1380 from Doris for now...

Of course Ed would have to force himself to put up with an extra 50 or so cc,  stage3 head, 1.5 roller rockers, x-pin diff, centre oil pickup and  straight cut drops, but we thought he would probably be able to manage ;-)

01_elaine.jpg (24415 bytes) 02_elaine.jpg (24878 bytes) 03_elaine.jpg (25422 bytes) 04_elaine.jpg (25529 bytes)

Elaine cheerily undoing horrid, greasy, grubby things like gear linkages and CV boots.

05_lid_off.jpg (26537 bytes) 06_side_view.jpg (27011 bytes) 07_ian.jpg (30844 bytes) 08_lifting.jpg (33033 bytes)

Edward getting lighter and lighter as bits come off.

10_bits.jpg (25011 bytes) 11_empty.jpg (25224 bytes) 12_empty.jpg (25992 bytes)

Until there was a nice clean shiny gap.

13_1380.jpg (27152 bytes) 14_getting_closer.jpg (29262 bytes) 15_both.jpg (28413 bytes)

Dorisses old 1380 on the way to its new home.

16_startup.jpg (27817 bytes) 17_bike_pipe.jpg (25854 bytes)

The first start up on just the LCB was a bit loud, especially the backfire, so a bike exhaust made a handy temporary silencer.

18_all_done.jpg (27387 bytes)

After about 8 hours work the only thing left to fit was the grill :-)


Sundry other pics of Ed looking shiny during the surgery.

50_filler.jpg (17292 bytes) 51_bum.jpg (29554 bytes) 52_bum.jpg (28994 bytes) 52_monkey.jpg (22188 bytes)