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Trailer 2


Pictures of 'Pete' the trailer following a bit more work (and another 40) to transform him from a caravan into something useful ;-)

The shortened and widened caravan chassis, looking like a trailer, waiting for it's first visitor !

01_front.jpg (44119 bytes) 02_rear.jpg (37810 bytes)

Annie sitting on top. Looks like our measurements for a Mini sized trailer were spot on :-)

03_annie_on_top.jpg (49538 bytes)

As we have adjustable legs on each corner, it's easy to use the trailer as an adjustable angle work ramp, ideal if you have to drain out a 2 gallon oil system !

04_work_ramp.jpg (46342 bytes) 05_work_ramp.jpg (49117 bytes)

Or if you need more access to work underneath the car, then a bit of tilting seems to do the trick!

20_tilted.jpg (57429 bytes) 19_tilted.jpg (63360 bytes)

The centre of the trailer is open so there is good access under the car.

06_underneath.jpg (52996 bytes)

Doris fully loaded onto Pete ready for the first test - a 170 mile to Bruntingthorpe near Leicester.

10_doris.jpg (50698 bytes) 11_doris.jpg (47789 bytes) 12_doris.jpg (47739 bytes) 13_doris.jpg (54782 bytes) 14_doris.jpg (53560 bytes)

Slightly larger (35)  winch added for easier single person loading.

15_winch.jpg (59319 bytes)

Trailer tyres look pretty healthy, and the nose weight seems OK.

16_wheel.jpg (52724 bytes) 17_wheel.jpg (44707 bytes)

Successful delivery! The trailer handled really well, and stayed together OK apart from the knob for the jockey wheel falling off :-)

18_off_trailer.jpg (38170 bytes)


Not bad, a car transporter trailer for less than 150.


May 2004