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MR2 _1


Elaine has been interested in these 'ere MR2 things for a while, so we decided to investigate a bit further.

So, off to our friendly importers for a grope around a '92 turbo, just to see what there were all about.

turbo0.jpg (30720 bytes) turbo1.jpg (33792 bytes) turbointerior1.jpg (30720 bytes)

Conclusion is...

Want one :-)

Very comfy driving position, remarkably good visibility considering the height of the car and the enclosed rear screen. Lots of adjustment for seat and steering column gave natural driving positions for Elaine and I.

Very practical too !  Acres of space in the front for at least one Tesco bag + space for possibly 2 cooler boxes in the rear ?

f-boot.jpg (109841 bytes) r-boot.jpg (138381 bytes)

Turbo model may be a bit keen for general use and also has a bit of a sting in the insurance department, so looks like we are going for a n/a with a T bar roof. (When it finishes it's cruise from the other side of the world).


1993 MR2 G-Ltd still in Japan, Jan 05.




Arrived in the UK Feb 05 - all looking quite clean and tidy.

14_door.jpg (62559 bytes)

Renovation of 1/2 leather seats.


5th March '05, took a quick visit (3 hours each way!!)  for a test drive...

44,000 km on the clock which is about 27,500 miles in old money, so not too bad for a 12yr old car !

40_front.jpg (101327 bytes) 41_front.jpg (97594 bytes) 43_side.jpg (100419 bytes)

42_side.jpg (87049 bytes) 45_rear_side.jpg (94451 bytes) 44_rear.jpg (87113 bytes)


12th March '05, collected...

Home after a most entertaining drive from Coventry :-)

50_fav_front.jpg (104706 bytes) 51_fav_rear.jpg (104074 bytes) 52_fav_elaine2.jpg (113602 bytes)