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4AGE build

Rebuilding the other Toyota 4AGE engine - you remember we got two for 100 and stuck one into ED...


First a bit of cleanings!

Handy thing about having oil fired heating is that you can fill a barrel with it as a parts washer... At less than 40p per litre it's a bit cheaper than Gunk too :)

4age_rebuild_01.jpg (691485 bytes)

Then when the really big scabs are off, you can brighten things up no end using the parts washer in the kitchen...

4age_rebuild_02.jpg (728213 bytes) 4age_rebuild_03.jpg (670009 bytes) 4age_rebuild_04.jpg (711044 bytes)

The block was a bit heavy for the dishwasher, so had to just scrub it a little in the 'keg-o-oil' to get a decent finish

4age_rebuild_05.jpg (637999 bytes) 4age_rebuild_06.jpg (673824 bytes) 4age_rebuild_07.jpg (640355 bytes) 4age_rebuild_08.jpg (659324 bytes)

Quite a nice amount of valve area in the head :)

4age_rebuild_10.jpg (686024 bytes)

Test build of the engine.

 4age_rebuild_09.jpg (719563 bytes) 4age_rebuild_11.jpg (685625 bytes)

New bearings in and bottom end put together, so there's no need to have it on the engine stand any more.

However, it would be handy to have some sort of way of stopping the engine from falling over!

Wooden legs!

4age_rebuild_12.jpg (632749 bytes) 4age_rebuild_13.jpg (709570 bytes) 4age_rebuild_14.jpg (723951 bytes)

Cams timed in, belt covers in place and sump painted a fetching shade of black.

4age_rebuild_15.jpg (730475 bytes) 4age_rebuild_16.jpg (709399 bytes) 4age_rebuild_17.jpg (725665 bytes)