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Painting 1

Due to a mild case of door-rot, some panel replacement was in order, it was also a convenient time to bung on a fiberglass flip-front in place of the dead heavy steel one.

Dorisses paint was also looking a little dull, so out with the Crown N9 exterior gloss :-).


Pictures taken May-June 2000
In bitz Doris looking a little sad and kind of dismembered
Face off ? Shell mostly the same colour, with undercoated doors.
Rubbed behind And from behind after a little rubbing down.
Disturbed ! I think you've missed a bit back here !
Kick in the nuts ??

This is a strange one, after fitting the undercoated front, I appear to have been attacked by aliens...... It looks like I have been fitted with a dodgy toupe and unceremoniously kicked in the balls...... Strange the things you pick up on camera !!!

Working girl

She's painting again !

Verrry yellllow Doris looking very yellow with the GP5 arches on and 1 set of spots.
Just Bob Cardigan

Bob, on the other hand doesn't look too impressed with all the attention Doris is getting !!!

Please no more pics like these !! Or perhaps that's why .. that's just silly, not really very sexy at all.
Hmmmm! And a pic of her mini.