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AMOC Pasta

AMOC Pasta Challenge November 2007 

(Making a 'bit of a mini' out of pasta - to fit on an A5 bit of paper)


At the secret pasta research lab....

Some pasta!

amoc-pasta_001.jpg (161491 bytes)

Neil M creating a detailed grill.

amoc-pasta_007.jpg (171280 bytes) amoc-pasta_014.jpg (120332 bytes) amoc-pasta_015.jpg (131486 bytes)

Elaine's valves.

amoc-pasta_016.jpg (136575 bytes) amoc-pasta_017.jpg (145455 bytes)  amoc-pasta_024.jpg (132755 bytes) amoc-pasta_025.jpg (123399 bytes)



Then there's the Spagley angle!

Basic 'A5' plywood box to contain the spaghetti.

amoc-pasta_002.jpg (184924 bytes) 

Which was too long, so 12 packets were taped together and sawn in half

amoc-pasta_003.jpg (164627 bytes) amoc-pasta_004.jpg (172277 bytes) amoc-pasta_005.jpg (214804 bytes)

The box lined with paper and the pasta installed.

amoc-pasta_006.jpg (152956 bytes) amoc-pasta_008.jpg (175941 bytes)

Then to set the levels the whole lot was belt sanded (make a note in your recipe book that 100 grit is good on pasta)

amoc-pasta_009.jpg (187023 bytes)


Then (without dropping all the spaghetti out) shove your 'pasta-pin-profile-gauge' on top pf a conrod , or other interesting article, and coat the underside with loads of PVA to stop the pins from settling back down when you are not looking.

amoc-pasta_010.jpg (175976 bytes) amoc-pasta_011.jpg (154142 bytes) amoc-pasta_012.jpg (150425 bytes) amoc-pasta_013.jpg (149468 bytes)

Finish off the plywood presentation case with a spot of varnish.

amoc-pasta_018.jpg (212413 bytes) amoc-pasta_019.jpg (226606 bytes) amoc-pasta_020.jpg (147491 bytes) amoc-pasta_021.jpg (153763 bytes) amoc-pasta_022.jpg (212370 bytes)

And you have an item worthy of presenting to the worst of your relatives :)

amoc-pasta_035.jpg (154694 bytes) amoc-pasta_037.jpg (153627 bytes) amoc-pasta_038.jpg (158939 bytes) amoc-pasta_039.jpg (156646 bytes)

amoc-pasta_040.jpg (160117 bytes) amoc-pasta_041.jpg (154066 bytes)

Wrap securely before transit.

amoc-pasta_023.jpg (156280 bytes)



And remember to unveil with a smile !

amoc-pasta_031.jpg (51060 bytes) amoc-pasta_030.jpg (48382 bytes)


Some of the other creations...

amoc-pasta_027.jpg (111522 bytes) amoc-pasta_028.jpg (103545 bytes) amoc-pasta_029.jpg (107643 bytes)

 amoc-pasta_026.jpg (102163 bytes) amoc-pasta_032.jpg (172418 bytes) amoc-pasta_033.jpg (74132 bytes) amoc-pasta_034.jpg (59219 bytes)